Rotary Club of Weymouth are a diverse group of local people who are dedicated to helping the community through Rotary; giving something back to society by giving of our time and skills, while enjoying the fellowship of like-minded friends. The Rotary Club of Weymouth is based in the vibrant town of Weymouth in Dorset, where the Club has been supporting the local community since 1923. Weymouth Rotary has multiple meetings to suit today‚Äôs different lifestyles under the one Club.

All these groups join in a wide range of social events and enjoy the fellowship of our diverse membership. Overall, the Club is managed by our Council which includes representation from the various member types.

If you are interested in joining us or just finding out more about Rotary and our Club, fill out the form below. We are eager to welcome new, committed, members to the club, regardless of gender, race or beliefs.

2021-2022 Weymouth Rotary Officers and Committees

Current President – Jerry Way

President Elect – David Langridge

President Nominee – Lynn Neary

Immediate Past Presidents – Rose Bruce 2020-21, Joseph Swindell 2019-20, Roger Fry 2018-19

Secretary – David Smith

Assistant Secretary – Murray Ashby

Treasurer – Neil Price

Assistant Treasurer – David Langridge

International & Foundation – Roger Fry

Youth Opportunities & Community & Vocational Services – Richard Burgess

Fundraising/ Special Projects – Michael Pashen

House – David Langridge

Communications – Rick Simmonds

Membership – Jerry Way

Fellowship – Lynn Neary

Pilgrim House – Jerry Way

Fayre In The Square – Jerry Way

Health & Safety – Joseph Swindell

Primary Webmaster – Rick Simmonds